Thursday, May 5, 2016

Week 16 ~ Batman Arkham Series

The Batman: Arkham game series consists of 4 different platform games: Asylum (2009), City (2011), Origins (2013), and Knight (2015). Each game would be categorized as an open-world, action-adventure RPG. In Asylum, you're trying to trying to stop Joker from letting out all the criminals at Arkham Asylum, but unfortuanetly you fail after a heroic battle against Joker after he takes a few doses of Titan and he becomes gigantic. In City, you are trying to not only stop Joker, but also Hugo Strange from destroying Gotham. After Joker injected himself with the Titan, his blood became poisoned and he was quickly dying and injected his blood into Batman himself and sent bags of his blood all over Gotham to different hospitals. In Origins, it jumps back many years to when Joker and Batman first met. In this installment you have to fight many different villains including Joker, Two-Face, Deadshot, and more. In Knight, you jump back to reality to after the Joker has died. The main villain in this game is known as the Arkham Knight, (SPOILER ALERT) it is actually Jason Todd, your former Robin until you thought the Joker had killed him. All the games have won many game awards, most of which were Game of the Year. Origins was the least fun, but the developers (Rocksteady Studios and Warner Bros.) saved themselves when they released Arkham Knight, a phenomenal game. One reason Knight is amazing is because you get to drive around in the BA Batmobile, how cool is that?! I'd personally give each of these games a 10/10, even Origins, simply because they are all great games and Batman is just the best, no doubt about it.

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